This is happening.

This is why it matters when a person like Nancy Pelosi, in whom so much power and expectation have been invested, blows the opportunity to confirm our Party’s belief and support of #BlackLivesMatter – – without couching it in an ‘All Lives Matter’ context. We need people like Speaker Pelosi to say #BLM right out loud with no pussyfooting. And if Pelosi is massaging the point so she doesn’t lose white support, I say white people should take the lead in telling her we expect better and support her when we hear it. That’s not because our voices are clearer or better; it’s because solidarity is called for, and because we have special responsibility as white folks to tell white leaders that there are millions of us white folks who will have her back when she speaks the truth.

The assertion that the routine threats to black people – particularly black young people – in this country are crucial to take seriously really shouldn’t lead to white people taking a defensive crouch, that they’re OK too, that they matter. But that’s what’s happening. In the history of this country, when have white lives not mattered? When have white lives not been elevated over the lives of the rest of the people we share this country with?

This is happening in Princeton, NJ – this weekend:


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