The Women who Made a Difference

(Updated 1/4/19 1:00 PM)

Andy Kim’s victory over Tom MacArthur was by less than 4000 votes. So everyone who worked on Kim’s campaign can claim to have helped make a difference. But no one has had a bigger impact on our victory than six women, four of them pictured below in front of Andy’s workplace. From left to right (below): Susan Coleman, Barbara Blonsky, Jill Anthony, and Tammi Bathke. Coleman is from Moorestown, the others from Mount Laurel. Unable to attend the festivities in Washington was Harriette Cohen of Mount Laurel and Suzy Zander-Pansius of Riverton who also deserves credit. (Harriette was one of the grandmothers who protested the wall at the border and Suzy was an early resister who appeared on the Rachel Maddow show in April, 2017.)

Each of them worked tirelessly to help propel Andy over the top. They opened up their homes for postcard parties, for meet and greet, and for phone banking. They stood outside of MacArthur’s office holding signs urging people to vote. They traveled to heavily Republican Ocean County to help get out the Democratic vote. They cajoled people to write letters to the local newspapers.

The Democratic machine may claim victory, but if it wasn’t for these six women, Tom MacArthur would still be in Washington today. I’m proud to call each of them a friend. And I look forward to working with them on Andy Kim’s difficult re-election in 2020.

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  1. Laura Beverage

    That’s 4 of my favorite warrior women right there!!!!


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