The Cold

“Bitter cold is coming: for those who hate it, know this, we need it. It kills the ever increasing invasive species (insects, fungus, bacteria) spurred on by climate change. Without a cold winter in the northeast, your summer tomatoes, watermelon, and other fruits and veggies are more vulnerable to blight and destruction, which increases the price of the crops that do survive. And our forests are more vulnerable to insects killing them. We need winter in our climate. So, bundle up & stay safe.”

That sensible outlook on coming cold snap, that the midwest and also, uh, this toilet already have worse than we’ll get, is from my friend Jennifer Coffey. She’s head of ANJEC, an association of environmental commissions, so she knows her stuff. Like I rely on the Philadelphia Flower Show to rescue me me with flower power when my body has stopped believing the Sun will warm the earth again, I needed to hear Jennifer’s promise of winter’s use for the spring and summer my cold feet crave. Thought you might too.

Warming centers: Check on your elder neighbors, and anyone you think might need extra help, including anyone medically fragile. People struggling financially might not be able too heat their home well enough, or might not have good enough insulation to keep out extreme weather. The counties are coordinating help through food, shelter, and clothing. Homeless people are at greatest risk now. Check this website to see what your county can offer (scroll down to the blue page squares on the bottom for your county). Warming stations and shelter are available during this Code Blue.

And the birds: Birds need extra help now, too. Here’s a list how to help. And here’s some extreme close-ups of some of the sorts of birds that will appreciate it.

PHOTO: Lisa M. Ca

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