Tail between his legs, and still spitting threats, Donald Trump skunks into the Rose Garden

Making an announcement in the Rose Garden moments ago, Pres. Trump announced a deal to reopen the federal government. For just 3 weeks. This comes just days after Trump lost a game of chicken with Speaker Nancy Pelosi over whether he would be allowed to enter the House chamber to give his State of the Union Address (he lost that game), and comes just one day after he vowed that Republicans would not “cave” on his demands for funding a wall on our southern border.

The government will be reopened for just 3 weeks – a continuation of the funding of the government as it’s been funded – there is no new money for Trump’s wall in this temporary agreement. So, on February 15th, if there’s still no agreement from Congress to fund his wall, Trump is still threatening to plunge the country into a state of emergency.

In his speech, Trump claimed to have sympathy for the federal workers his actions in the longest federal government shutdown in history; sympathy his actions suggest is a lie. He also attempted to suggest that federal workers agree somehow with his notions that there is a security crisis where American meets Mexico. Again, Trump claimed the “crisis” at the border was human trafficking, sex crimes, murder, drugs and abuse of women and children, and not the manufactured crisis of unpaid federal workers, including at the border, and the inhumane separating of families and losing track of helpless children.

Trump’s been under ramping pressure to fix the crisis he created with his own incompetence. Americans are losing patience with his increasingly single-issue presidency, blaming Trump, while Republicans still – still! – maintain their loyalty to the president and his wall dreams.

This is not the infrastructure America needs; in fact there’s little evidence of any of Trump’s claims about the border, except in Republican fever dreams and the President’s increasing urgency to distract us from what’s really keeping him up at night.

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  1. Andrea M Bonette

    I started to listen to this on my car radio but shut it down when he started his regular rant about the criminals, drugs, etc. I wonder if he has any idea how stupid he sounds doing this mantra over and over and over…

    1. Eric biemuller

      I see you live in your own little bubble, selectively filtering out facts and empirical data.

      1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

        Stupendously unspecific and uninformed comment. Now that you’ve trotted out your best derogatory language, Eric Biemiller, be aware we don’t go for insults here. You want to disagree with someone’s thinking, go for it. But stuff the insults.

  2. Lisa McCormick

    Trump agreed to reopen shuttered departments for three weeks. This is a brief period between tantrums, but it seems he buckled as soon as the airports stopped working.

    Bullies have shown us how to deal with them. Let’s hope the lesson is not lost anytime soon.


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