SHUTDOWN DAY 28: Blow up Mitch McConnell’s phone.

I challenge you to take action today: Blow up Mitch McConnell’s phone. Pointless to pressure the White House. Nobody there has a clue what Trump’s doing, and he is clearly in some sort of intellectual decline, operating independently with little ability to plan or effectively handle fallout from his actions. Time to force the GOP to consider their own future, their own political necks. Mitch McConnell has the most to lose. Start there:

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Washington:  (202) 224-2541. A staffer will pick up. As always, be brief and polite. Staff will be compiling the running figures of how many calls they get FOR Trump Shutdown vs. AGAINST Trump Shutdown. You can say something as brief as this: I’m against this shutdown, because we rely on the government to serve us, and because it’s creating chaos and making us all less safe. If they ask you if you’re a constituent, do not say you are (unless you are), but you can say that Sen. McConnell is Senate Majority Leader, and thus does represent you (because he does). McConnell has repeatedly blocked House-passed efforts to fund the federal government. Then? Tweet to McConnell here: @senatemajldr

The video below: Tough talk this morning as House members Frank Pallone and Bonnie Watson Coleman met today with New Jerseyans trying to help NJ federal workers whose lives are now in flux because of Trump, and federal workers themselves. BWC spoke of the ‘dehumanizing’ impact on workers themselves, that Trump has lied so much he’s lost contact wit the truth. And she underscored congressional Dems determination to fix this – “We are willing to go back there today, tonight, to have a conversation (with Trump) if we could just open up government and workout whatever issues we have to work out”.

Trump, she says, no longer even knows what the truth is. And this shutdown which he claims is to keep America safe in the manufactured ‘crisis’ he’s creating himself, is actually opening us up to real danger by idling workers who make sure our food is safe to eat, and those boarding our airplanes are allowed to be there. As you know, Trump responded to Pelosi’s decision not to issue the formal invitation required for the President to come to Congress to deliver the State of the Union by pulling the government plane taking Pelosi on an official trip to Afghanistan to meet with NATO leaders. [I believe when BWC refers to the ‘go-del,’ she means ‘government delegation’.] Trump, she says, is so “freaking ignorant” that he would risk the life of the second in the line of succession (Speaker is second only to the VP) by suggesting she fly commercial instead of protected on a government plane. That’s even as he’d put Melania Trump on a protected government plane to Mar-A-Lago because she wants some sunshine.

25-min video. BWC’s remarks, up front, not to be missed. To unmute, volume slider bottom right.

Cartoon credit: Tom Curry. Curry Art Studio

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