Next Wednesday: A clear-eyed look at how New Jersey’s Democratic Party really works.

Blue Jersey is making plans to live-stream this event for those who can’t make it to Belmar. But make it to Belmar if you can; this event is red-hot & timely.

We lobby. We advocate for issues. We march. We show up. But a huge part of the work of making change is electoral. And the truth is that sometimes it falls to all of us to shine sunlight on how our Democratic Party actually works. What really happens in a Democratic Primary? What powers do county chairs have? Who gets on the county party committees? How does it all work? Do unseen, unelected powers work against the democracy we have every right to expect from this Party? There’s power in knowing the game, and organizing for what’s right.

And – Now’s the time to focus our energies on New Jersey.

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  1. NJBlech

    The lead speaker makes me wince. John Wisniewski, despite being the NJ chair of the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016, endorsed Donald Norcross that year when Norcross had a progressive (Alex Law) running against him in the primary. There’s is a lot more to this guy than the Bridgegate hearings and it isn’t pretty from a progressive standpoint.


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