News Roundup – Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Featured photo: Democrat née Republican State Senator Dawn Addiego

Infrastructure: Upgrading the Hudson River rail tunnels is arguably the most important infrastructure project that will sustain America’s economy. The major roadblock is Trump. Prominent Democrats tour the decrepit tunnel in an effort to get Trump to release much-needed funding.

$15 Minimum Wage: Bill passes another hurdle and goes to the full legislature.

Democrats Behaving Badly:

Republicans Behaving Badly: Trial date set for one of the most powerful Republicans in New Jersey.

Sweeneycrats Behaving Oddly: Shortly after David Wildstein reported that District 8 Republican State Senator Dawn Addiego was considering a challenge to Congressman Andy Kim in 2020, Addiego announced that she was switching parties – without mentioning the word “Democrat” in her press release.

Helping kids with mental illness. Federal funding will help enhance physicians’ training – a program that was nixed by former Governor Christie.

I’m with her. After a contentious committee election to fill an open seat on the Burlington County Freeholder Board -where an extremely qualified female candidate was narrowly defeated, Assemblywoman Carol Murphy calls for the Democrats to nominate a woman to run against the sole GOP member of the board this year.

Can someone buy a seat on the Rutgers Board of Governors? One athletic supporter is trying.

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