News Roundup for Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019

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Christie’s book is here, but we can’t fine anyone who wants to read it

This is the most Jersey thing that happened yesterday. Murphy, Sweeney, Coughlin, all smiles, pile into a regular Jersey diner. Sit down. Make a video about (finally) their agreement on a $15 minimum wage (which is less good news for the workers carved out, a la Sweeney). Diner owner sitting there? He’s against it. Says so. Says it could torpedo his business. In front of the reporters. Bad staff work? Poorly informed diner owner? Maybe both. After talking with Coughlin’s staff, diner owner Teddy Lutas said he didn’t know $15 would be gradually phased-in. Now he’s OK. I’ll have a grilled cheese on rye, please. Lutas’ opinions didn’t make it into Phil Murphy’s video. But you can read about them here. And Coughlin & Lutas smooth it over here.


Meanwhile, there are some actual unintended consequences that could be fallout from the minimum wage hike. Here’s how they may be addressed.

Murphy must appoint new Pinelands leadership. For 8 years, Christie & Sweeney stocked the Pinelands Commission with people who thought nothing of running 30 miles of natural gas pipeline through pristine land. Enough of that, says this Star-Ledger editorial.

Jay Webber, having been trounced by Mikie Sherrill for Congress, is running again in LD-26. And his Reagan Day shindig is on, because he celebrates that kind of thing.

Republicans have a little nutty over Sen. Dawn Marie Addiego’s defection from their party.

Bridgegate co-conspirator Bill Baroni to be resentenced next month. Still at large, Chris Christie.

Reitmeyer: A river of cash: Analyzing NJ’s multibillion-dollar revenue streams.

An internal e-mail from the Hudson County prosecutor’s office shows that investigators identified Al Alvarez as an employee of Phil Murphy’s campaign 11 days after Katie Brennan alleged that she was sexually assaulted. Hudson County declined to charge Alvarez.

Action Together New Jersey is out with their first podcast: Justice in Jersey.

Chris Christie was only worried if a rich person left. Is outmigration myth or reality for New Jersey? It’s complicated. By NJ Spotlight’s editor at large Colleen O’Dea.

The real history of socialism in America – and New Jersey

By Prof. Whitney Strub at Rutgers: I’m a socialist and a historian, socialism is blooming again in NJ, this time in the age of Trump. Recommended reading!

Chris Christie, still a thing. But a marginal thing.

“A superficial and ungainly book”: New York Times eviscerates Christie’s book.

Christie wants back in. Tells Stephen Colbert he’d have been a better president than Trump. And that Trump ‘blew it’ on the shutdown. Tells NJ Advance Media he won’t rule out another presidential run.

Democrats run the House

Albio Sires gets Foreign Affairs subcommittee chair.


Trump’s State of the Union is next Tuesday. Will be interesting to see what reception POTUS gets striding into the House chamber. More interesting: Stacey Abrams will deliver the Dems’ response.

What up, Jersey Boy? Hey Jared Kushner, How’d you get that top-secret security clearance?

CNN joins MSNBC in shunning Sarah Sanders’ press briefing.

Really, don’t be surprised. Booker says he’s incredulous AG nominee William Barr didn’t know about racial bias in criminal justice system

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