News Roundup for Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019

On the enduring nature of white boy smugness: Covington Catholic – It could have been me.

Mikie Sherrill co-sponsors H.R. 1

Andy Kim & Mikie Sherrill – These 2 rookie Democrats now have some power to help protect Jersey jobs

It falls to Democrats to give a damn about what the shutdown is doing to New Jersey families. Democratic officials gather at Passaic food pantry. Menendez is challenged on why he’s accepting pay during the shutdown.

3 NJ Transit rail lines remain suspended as federal shutdown continues.

Infrastructure: Murphy wants to replace Newark Airport Monorail. No more ‘bubblegum’ fixes.

Trump’s move against transgender people in the U.S. military – Feeling the ill-effects of Brett Kavanaugh. (Star-Ledger editorial)

Police use of force: Clergy representing 170 congregations call on Gov. Murphy to sign the independent prosecutor bill. Video. Open letter.

David Wildstein is floating Save Jersey blogger Matt Rooney to run against Cory Booker for the U.S. Senate seat.

Lawmakers outline specific steps to improve maternal & infant care in NJ – We are 47th in maternal mortality, and black women are 5 times more likely to die than white wome

First Lady Tammy Murphy will be at Cooper University Health Care in Camden talking about this  – this morning 10am with members of the Murphy administration. Later at 11:45am in same location, Gov. Murphy has an announcement re: opioid crisis.

Fairly useless too-early head-to-head poll has Cory Booker 5 points over Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders 10 points over Trump.

Who hired the man Katie Brennan says sexually assaulted her? No one is saying. A $170k/year job and nobody will take responsibility for putting him in it?

Insider NJ is reporting George Helmy has been offered, and accepted, the job of Gov. Murphy’s COS. Helmy is Sen. Cory Booker’s state director.

Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz says she’s not interested in running against Tom Malinowski in CD7 in 2020. But Tom Kean Jr. leaves that door open.

How the Clean Water Act fixed the Delaware River’s pollution problem

PSEG wants your money. And they’re not exactly forthcoming in proving the case to taxpayers that they need our $300 million.

NJ minimum wage vote planned. So what’s happening with legalizing marijuana?

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