News Roundup for Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019

Call & response between a nervous Donald Trump and the incoming Speaker in tomorrow’s new Democratic House majority.  


Before he’s even sworn in as Utah’s U.S. senator, 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney blasts Donald Trump in Washington Post: The president shapes the public character of the nation. Trump’s character falls short. Trying to fill the vacuum of the many ‘adults in the room’ who have abandoned the Trump White House (or been pushed out) Romney signals a possible 2020 primary challenge, or at the very least an opening for fellow Republicans to openly criticize the president. UPDATE: Trump relies, straight from crazytown.

In his anti-BDS stand, Cory Booker stands along among Senate Democrats in 2020 presidential race.

Alan Steinberg’s opinion: If Biden runs, Kamala and Beto rise, and Cory falls

Losing Herb Jackson covering the Washington D.C. beat and especially our NJ delegation is a major loss – Jackson took one of Gannett’s early buy-outs – but he will pop up again covering transportation for Congressional Quarterly/Roll Call

Continuing its chats with NJ’s blue wavers, Star-Ledger’s talk with Mikie Sherrill.

Fred Snowflack reminds all the Democrats on social media imploring Mikie Sherrill to support Pelosi as Speaker that she vowed she wouldn’t, and maybe urging her to break a major campaign promise on her first day isn’t smart at all.


Where’s your Governor? Back from Tanzania with the fam and spending his public day swearing in mayors: Jacklyn Veasey (Evesham at 5:00pm), Chris Chung (Palisades Park at 7:00pm), Mark Zinna (Tenafly at 7:45pm)

Gov. Murphy’s New Year’s Day message was all about the need for a $15 minimum wage. Because the $8.85 it went to New Year’s Day is not enough.

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman swore in Lambertville’s new mayor Julia Fahl, just as she officiated at Julia’s wedding to Kari Osmond, her chief of staff. This is one swearing in I didn’t want to miss, especially as a fellow Hunterdon person, but I was in D.C. Luckily, we have this smashing account of the day from Jay Lassiter.

With his labors earning a PhD now finished (big congratulations!), Jersey Jazzman is back to blogging. Opening salvo: NJ Court Strikes Down Graduation Test; An Opportunity to Re-Think Testing? 

Monmouth County Dem Chair Dave Brown endorses LeRoy Jones in the coming Dem Party state chair fight proxy battle between Sweeney & Murphy.

Republican Amy Gatto is Atlantic County’s first woman freeholder chair.

Extreme weather: 2018 was the wettest year on record in southeastern New Jersey

Democrats took control in Burlington County: Deciminyan streamed the Freeholder swearing-in on our Facebook.

Drew Sheneman’s 18 political cartoons summing up 2018

THE ACTUAL PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES [complete with all-caps crazy]

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  1. deciminyan

    As expected, in Burlington County, George Youngkin was sworn in as Freeholder and immediately resigned, although he did attend the public ceremony later in the day. These ceremonies include the pro-forma stuff, expressions of thanks, and boring speeches. But the highlight of the public ceremony was the beautiful rendition of the National Anthem by a young lady from Willingboro.


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