News Roundup for Friday, Jan. 18, 2019


Bombshell: Donald Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow tower project

Trump administration separated thousands more migrant children at the border than they first acknowledged. How many more? They don’t know.

CD11: Rep. Mikie Sherrill has moved her first town hall meeting date because of the government shutdown. New date is Jan. 27.

Frank Pallone & Bonnie Watson Coleman will rally today with people affected by Trump’s shutdown.

Majority of Americans say they won’t vote for Trump. Will they vote for Booker instead?

What happens when a billion oysters show up? And what does that have to do with Hurricane Sandy?

U.S. plans new space sensors for missile defense against ‘rogue states’ – Trump likely to present Pentagon findings about changing threat as justification for his planed ‘space force’


Murphy gets a $15 minimum wage plan, Sweeney gets his carveouts. It’s a 5-year glide path with carveouts for agricultural workers and tipped workers. Teen workers are included in the 5-year path.New Jersey Policy Perspective estimated more than 1 million workers will benefit from the wage hike. But about 10% of those employees will be put on a slower path.

NJ Working Families praises minimum wage deal.

Milam was Jeff Van Drew’s choice for his old seat. Former Assemblyman Matthew Milam (D-Vineland) will return to the Legislature sometime in the next few weeks, according to New Jersey Globe, filling the LD-1 Assembly seat of Bob Andrzejczak, who moved up to the NJ Senate into now-Congressman Jeff Van Drew’s old seat.

Chris Christie, still a thing. Book excerpt from his memoir Let Me Finish in Politico Magazine: How Jared Kushner Tried to Stop Me From Running the Trump Transition

Murphy just skewered Trump over the shutdown (and almost sounded like Christie doing it).

Dark Money. Senate Budget Committee unanimously advanced a measure to require certain dark money groups – including 501(c)4 groups like New Direction New Jersey (Murphy-linked) and General Growth Fund (George Norcross-linked) – to approve significant changes to the state’s financial disclosure laws despite a threat by the ACLU of New Jersey to challenge the effort in court over privacy concerns.

Where’s your Governor? 11am in Woodbridge at a press event discussing fully funding NJ public schools. 4:15pm in West Trenton with other officials to announce plans for this weekend’s coming snow.

It’s over and it met its revenue projections. NJ tax scofflaws coughed up at least $200M during amnesty

This has nothing to do with any of the other fights going on in the Democratic Party. Lead sponsor of recreational weed bill says he’s ‘losing faith’ in Murphy, weighing this as a ballot vote in November election.

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