News Roundup for Friday, Jan. 11, 2019

Things Donald Trump doesn’t understand about ‘border security’All Department of Homeland Security needed to get through the steel slat prototype 45 likes is a saw; it cuts right through it. Trump objects. It’s hard, he says. Harrrrrd. (NBC News)

Bonnie Watson Coleman getting a seat on House Appropriations is power that can be used to fight for Gateway Tunnel funding – a very big deal for the state.

South Jersey shadowy political power brokers named George. This time, it’s Ocean GOP chair George Gilmore; indicted by a federal grand jury for evading paying more than $1 million in taxes, charged in a 6-count indictment of filing false tax returns, failing to pay payroll taxes, and making false statements on an application for a bank loanHere’s the indictment.

Gilmore indictment helps Andy Kim’s re-election prospects

I’m comfortable with this: Ocean GOP has no succession plan. Gilmore’s been chair 22 years, only part of the forever the [accused] tax cheat thought he’d be running Ocean.

2020 comes early: As he ponders a run for president, Booker to return to a key primary state.

Amy Mansue declines. Offered a plum job as Phil Murphy’s chief of staff, she said no thank you.

Charles Stile has a great piece out suggesting Phil Murphy may be a reform governor, but not the way he planned.

Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller is out with lies to smear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just like they tried to smear Bob Menendez.

Trump’s shutdown: Impact on New Jersey.

Hundreds of furloughed federal workers in NJ start filing for unemployment.

Jersey Jazzman: Kids in disadvantaged schools don’t need tests to tell them they’re being cheated.

Mikie Sherrill makes first floor speech

Andy Kim joins Mikie Sherrill in not taking his congressional pay check during the shutdown. Jeff Van Drew introduced legislation to pay Coast Guard and those working for the FAA.

In Teaneck: If you missed this week’s Teaneck Council meeting, Bill Orr has the report.

Next Wednesday: A clear-eyed look at how New Jersey’s Democratic Party really works.

Manufacturers and retailers are gearing up to defeat a bill that would ban plastic bags, foam containers and plastic straws, fearing passage in New Jersey could prompt other states to adopt similar regulations. It would be the most far-reaching set of plastics regulations in the nation.

Headline of the Week: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitz-Trenton (Carl Golden on the troubles in Murphy Land)

Democratic donor among 6 given go-ahead for new cannabis dispensaries. Elizabeth Stavola contributed more than $35,000 to Gov. Phil Murphy and the NJDSC in the months before receiving conditional approval from the Department of Health to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Atlantic City.


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