MLK Day News Roundup for Monday, Jan. 21, 2019

UPDATE: Kamala Harris launches her campaign for president.

Things that Mike Pence does not understand: On the eve of Martin Luther King Day, the VEEP says Trump is like Dr. King. How? By ‘inspiring us’ to change.

A half-century later, we keep deferring MLK’s dreamInstead of billions in EDA tax breaks, provide college debt relief (Hennelly, Insider NJ)

Tom Moran: What is Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez hiding? Why is she fighting the Legislature’s request for documents related to the explosive rape allegations from Katie Brennan — documents that could shed light on Suarez’s own truthfulness in the case?

Last month,77-year-old Peter Turnpu, a Vietnam veteran, died at his Waterford NJ home. He had no known relatives and few friends. A police officer and a funeral director put out the call, and 1,000 strangers showed up.

An open letter from Ray Lesniak to that Kentucky Catholic school of smirking boys, the local archdiocese here in NJ, and even Pope Francis.

Star-Ledger editorial takes note of and congratulates Maplewood for taking positive action to address its ‘disgraceful record’ of police violence.

South Jersey residents reflect on Martin Luther King Day

Where’s your Governor?  At noon, at the JBJ Soul Kitchen offering meals to furloughed federal workers.

Apple apparently does not fall far from tree: The mother of the Kentucky Catholic HS boy now internet-famous for arrogantly staring down a Native elder in Washington claims ‘black Muslims’ incited the encounter.

CD7: Malinowski opens district office in Somerville.

The granddaughter of a legendary segregationist in the U.S. Senate introduces legislation to replace the Mississippi flag – last state to incorporate the Confederate battle flag – with a brand new flag.

Star-Ledger editorial: What is Murphy hiding with these gag orders? An investigation on government hiring practices isn’t the time to enforce non-disclosure agreements when there’s an allegation of rape on the table, argues the Ledger.

We often speak about Martin Luther King’s murder as a loss to all of us, and to history. This photo, of Dr. King, Loretta Scott King, and 3 of their 4 children, is a reminder that their loss was first.

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  1. Bill Orr

    Regarding the Vietnam vet who died with no known relatives, to a wonderful musical Dear Evan Hansen:

    “No one deserves to be forgotten
    No one deserves to fade away
    No one should come and go
    And have no one know he was ever even here.”

    Am so happy a thousand strangers showed up at his funeral.


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