CD7: Tom Malinowski Facebook Town Hall Thursday

Malinowski Virtual Town Hall
When: Thursday 12:30-1:30pm
Where: Facebook
How to participate: Post questions in the discussion section of the event page, or join LIVE to ask your questions. Constituents, please include your town with your question.

Quite a few calcified Republicans lost their seats in 2018 failing to be available to constituents, and their right to ask questions of their congress member in open public forums. Certainly that was the case in CD7’s neighboring CD11, where activists mocked the scion of one of NJ’s oldest political families, Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen for not showing up to town halls, holding them anyway with an unflattering cardboard lifesized cartoon of him. It wasn’t the case here in CD7, where ex-congressman Leonard Lance withstood hard questions, complaints and jeers at countless town halls as his fellow Republicans hid away. Lance lost anyway. Availability didn’t make his record go away. But our 4 House newbies will do well doing as many town halls as possible – in person > virtual – and we’ll give you a heads-up on as many as we can. And btw, our longtime incumbents could afford to step up their town hall game, too. Access is always appreciated.

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