Atlantic City Women’s March – Watch

“Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” – Fannie Lou Hamer

Here’s some video of the Atlantic City Women’s March, honoring the life of Mississippi justice fighter Fannie Lou Hamer, who made history 55 years ago in this Jersey Shore city, and is the co-Founder of the National Women’s Political Caucus. Today is a day of goodwill and love, and I’m especially feeling love for the organizers of the Women’s March for Trenton which was cancelled because of the snow emergency, after so much work from so many good people.

Great video by Antoinette Miles of AC Women’s March Steering Committee. My favorite moments: * Man with the sign reading Real Men Support Equal Pay for Equal Work * Delegation of students from Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School in the Bronx * My friend Estina Baker – in OBAMA hat – corralling everybody to march behind the banner.

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