AMEN to THIS: Christine Clarke & Laura Berman Fortgang running in LD-26 – against Jay Webber

Above, Christine Clarke & Mikie Sherrill.

There’s a delicious symmetry to this.

Two women, Christine Clarke & Laura Berman Fortgang, are running together for Assembly in the heavily-Republican 26th Legislative District. They’re both local Dem municipal chairs. They’re both rising activists in NJ 11th for Change, which had an outsized role in replacing a staid, establishment-hugging Republican with a woman; Mikie Sherrill – Naval Academy grad in the first class where women were trained for combat, getting elected for the first office she ever ran for. And beating trouncing a seated Republican legislator to do it; one Jay Webber. So who are Christine Clarke & Laura Berman Fortgang running against for Assembly in November?

Assemblyman Webber

Against Jay Webber, longtime assemblyman, former NJ GOP chair.

– Who repeatedly voted to defund Planned Parenthood. [read]
Who once insisted on reading aloud on the Assembly floor – until he was shut down – a brochure on teen sex in a creepy effort to argue that birth control equals promiscuity. [read]
Who was prime sponsor for a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as one man, one woman. [read]
Who voted against same-sex marriage in 2012, arguing civil unions were just fine. Who opposed civil unions when he was elected in 2007. [read]
Who hangs out with Mike Pence, who is so creepy about women he can’t even see them except as sex, and won’t be alone with one. [read]
Who needed help from a seated Vice President and still tanked. In a heavily GOP district. Against … a woman. [read]

Of course, both Christine and Laura have more going for them than just the opportunity to run against Jay Webber. For one thing, Clarke has emerged as one of New Jersey’s leading climate activists. Now, Democrats haven’t won a seat in the 26th since Watergate, which is quite before Christine & Laura’s time in politics. And Republicans outnumber Democrats 2-1 in LD-26 (census). Mikie Sherrill’s new congressional district, the 11th, has more than 14,000 more Republicans than Democrats; both CD11 & LD-26 have Morris County in common, and we can’t call that reliably Republican anymore.

Sherrill won anyway. And Christine Clarke & Laura Berman Fortgang were part of the wave of activated women who got that done. And they’re up next.

Campaign sites under construction: & Clarke for Assembly on Facebook

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