116th Congress News Roundup for Friday, Jan. 4, 2019

How to Grandma like a boss: Grandma gives trans Raggedy Andy doll back to grandson for Christmas, warms hearts on Twitter

Chris Smith must feel like a one very lonely Republican right now. Smith votes with Democrats on plan to end Trump’s shutdown.

Democrats pass funding plan without wall as Trump digs in.

The PAYGO fight roiling House Dems, explained.

Tom Moran suggests: Cut a deal, build Trump’s wall, and protect Dreamers from deportation.

Ryan Grim is DC Bureau Chief at The Intercept

This is why unelected Democratic Party bosses shouldn’t get to groom & place their own loyalists in Congress. Because if you can’t get to Congress on your own merit, you probably don’t belong there. Rep. Jeff Van Drew fumbles his first important vote in Congress. I bet Tanzie Youngblood wouldn’t have f^cked it up. Van Drew gets another chance because yesterday he was new. But that reason won’t last long.

Fred Snowflack points out, in another context, that of NJ’s 4 new House members, Van Drew is the only one with legislative experience. That only makes his first vote fumble more concerning.

Andy Kim reverses himself on campaign pledge and votes for Pelosi for speaker.

Nancy Pelosi elected Speaker. How New Jersey’s brand new House delegation voted.

Here are the 15 Democrats who didn’t vote for Pelosi as speaker. New Jersey is double on the list.

Zzzzzzzz: State GOP attacks Dems over Pelosi.

Phil Murphy in DC: Progressive candidates are ‘the name of the game’

Here are the 5 women whose outsized hard work helped get Andy Kim to Congress.

Senator Bob Menendez sworn in to 3rd term, Cory Booker (literally) looming behind him.

Our government now “Creeps in this petty pace from day to day”the next few days in Congress in Shutdown City, USA

Tom Malinowski speaks.

Hey, buddy come sit with us. Freshman Andy Kim briefly sat with the Republicans in the House chamber, exchanged pleasantries, till he was informed he was on the wrong side.

Fred Snowflack has an account of the NJDSC shindig at the 5-star Mandarin Oriental in D.C.

Ocean Dems chair Wyatt Earp staying out of the state chair race for now.

“Without legislative changes, more races will be overwhelmed by independent spending, and at all levels of the State’s electoral politics.” Jeff Brindle of ELEC with a warning: Unchecked independent groups may relegate candidates to being spectators of their own campaigns.

Should we burn some sage or something? Legalizing weed and raising NJ minimum wage to be hashed out again in meeting between Murphy & top Dems

Yes. Yes, it will. Murphy-aligned non-profit disclosure decision likely to remain an issue.

Murphy again uses veto power over a board with close ties to Sweeneythis time stopping a toll hike

This is why we need herd immunity – to protect kids who are too young or too sick to be vaccinated. If you’re not scared about the NJ measles outbreak in Lakewood, you should be.

10 big tax law surprises you will face this year.

“…to think that by helping the real estate industry you’re helping poor people in poor neighborhoods is really pie in the sky.” Who stands to gain from newly-created Opportunity Zones in NJ?

Katie Brennan seeking damages from NJ for ‘emotional distress’

Important: Progress seen in text of paper-trail voting machines that allow audit of results

Can we get some for the White House? Financial literacy will soon be required in NJ middle school.

Op-Ed: New Jersey needs to develop wind energy projects far offshore – by Eric Stiles of NJ Audubon & Catherine Bowes of National Wildlife Federation’s offshore wind program

My absolute favorite photo from yesterday is former CD7 Democratic primary candidates, who became Malinowski soldiers in the general, goofing in our new congressman’s office: 


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