Where did Cory Booker land on MoveOn’s (useless) (nevertheless fun) 2020 Presidential Straw Poll?

OK, you know these things are useless bits of info, and tools for fundraising. You know it’s too early, none of the big names (even medium names) are in yet. Per Ilya Sheyman, an old friend from Democracy for America who now runs MoveOn, the reach-out on this straw poll was via email, SMS & targeted Facebook ads. So the results are skewed by who typically engages with MoveOn; politically engaged liberal-to-progressive, probably mostly middle-aged-plus. If you pitched this poll to Instagram users you might get very different results.

The Dem field is looking massive. In 2016, the Republicans had 17. Eleven dropped out during primaries (including Christie), 5 before primaries started. This time, there are 30-plus Dems making noises about running. Some of them won’t. But MoveOn polled on everybody – and in the end, none of them won. Ready to see how Cory Booker did? He made the Top 10 but just barely (at 2.63%). Someone Else / Don’t Know came in first with 17.89%. Below, the entire list of 33, ranked.

A few quick takeaways. The Somebody Else win is significant and speaks to an electorate in flux. But lets dispatch with it and just go to the named people; call Beto #1 here. Beto folks are making a big deal of this win, but I think you’d have a hard time making the case anybody but political junkies (and Texans) know who he is. Nevertheless, he has the chops to fix that. Beto’s a boffo fundraiser – $80 million, and almost toppled Ted Cruz – (a chunk is oil and gas money, he broke the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, which he signed). He’s great in front of a crowd (f-bombs everywhere) and he’s got chops if he got that close to toppling Ted Cruz. But at this point, he’s mostly a personality, the ’white Barack Obama’ (seriously awful name). And he hasn’t begun to answer national questions about where he stands. #2 – Biden, Veep-buddy of of the Obama years. Then #3 Bernie, still one of the most popular politicians in America, then #4 Kamala Harris, the prosecutor who distinguished herself grilling Brett Kavanaugh (as did #8 Amy Klobuchar & #9 Booker). I’m surprised Cory wasn’t higher on the list. Stacey Abrams & Andrew Gillum both made the list (#11 & #20) despite losing their Gov races. #24 Marianne Williamson, spiritual leader/author seems like an odd inclusion, but it’s an indication of how far-ranging the primary field is – and she already has staff in Iowa. Deval Patrick (#25) is out.
Below the full MoveOn straw poll results:

Someone Else / Don’t Know 17.89%
Beto O’Rourke 15.60%
Joe Biden 14.95%
Bernie Sanders 13.15%
Kamala Harris 10.02%
Elizabeth Warren 6.42%
Sherrod Brown 2.92%
Amy Klobuchar 2.75%
Michael Bloomberg 2.71%
Cory Booker 2.63%
Joseph Kennedy III 1.90%
Stacey Abrams 1.16%
Kirsten Gillibrand 1.09%
Tulsi Gabbard 0.78%
John Hickenlooper 0.71%
Eric Holder 0.59%
Eric Swalwell 0.54%
Julián Castro 0.48%
Jeff Merkley 0.42%
Jay Inslee 0.38%
Andrew Gillum 0.36%
Mitch Landrieu 0.35%
Chris Murphy 0.33%
Tom Steyer 0.28%
Marianne Williamson 0.26%
Deval Patrick 0.24%
Eric Garcetti 0.20%
Richard Ojeda 0.18%
Steve Bullock 0.17%
Pete Buttigieg 0.12%
John Delaney 0.11%
Bill de Blasio 0.10%
Howard Schultz 0.10%
Terry McAuliffe 0.10%


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