Weekend News Roundup for Dec. 8-9, 2018

Individual-1 – The Department of Justice calls Donald Trump a felonHat/tip Robin Kinlin for image above. 

 I can’t bear the thought of not seeing my father every single day that I’m supposed to see him”A family braces for Dad’s deportation.

Hooray for CD11 & Mikie Sherrill and all, but where are the feature stories about male House members who need to “balance” Congress & family?

Utility shutoffs are on the rise. More people are having trouble keeping the lights on? Why don’t they ask for help?

“Undetectable=Untransmittable”Murphy administration adopts U=U campaign to end HIV in the state.

Carl Golden on Phil Murphy’s answer to What did he know? And, When did he know it?: Murphy’s mess 

Albert J. Alvarez, former top Murphy staffer accused of rape, won’t testify.

Phil Murphy has a talk with the NorthJersey.com editorial board

“Crying Nazi’ Chris Cantrell threatens more violence and the ‘total destruction of the left’ after Nazi James Fields is convicted of the murder of Heather Hoyer in Charlottesville

Tom Moran: Two questions opponents of legal weed can’t answer

Is this the most New Jersey that New Jersey gets? Does Atlantic City breed corruption? Some say yes.

Malinowski more than doubled Lancein fundraising & spending

Gottheimer still has $4 million after outspending McCann 3-1

Hugin outspend Menendez almost 3-1

Josh Welle outspent Chris Smith, lost anyway

AOC fires back at Trump Jr.Keep trolling, we have subpoena power next year

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