Weekend News Roundup for Dec. 29-30, 2018

Whoosh! Millions in taxpayer dollars down the drain. 

Yesterday a friend who is well-tied to the NJ Democratic politic establishment personally, electorally and professionally was telling me how valuable George Norcross has been in building Camden. I replied that much of that was at taxpayer expense and too much of the money went to projects determined by him or his friends. Too bad I didn’t have this example at hand: The downward spiral of a stadium built on taxpayers’ backs, costing us $22 million and counting.

Incoming! Andy Kim in CD3

Only NJ blue waver who joined the Congressional Progressive Caucus: Star-Ledger’s convo with Andy Kim

Save the Date! 2020 Democratic National Convention. When & where.

This is an unwise decision and the excuse is unimpressive. Non-profit tied to Murphy won’t release donors.

More on the key Force Report of NJ police compiled by NJ.com: To end racial bias in police violence, face these facts. (Ledger editorial). And this is part of the response that needs to happen: NJ AG to host series of community forums on police use of force in response to NJ.com investigation

Trump’s Bedminster club: NJ AG Grewal has obtained evidence of possible crimes at Trump’s golf club – and Mueller, FBI are involved in probe

Hey New JerseyCalifornia becomes first state to ban retail sale of dogs, cats & rabbits

Claire McCaskill called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a ‘bright shiny new object’  – AOC wonders why McCaskill keeps calling her a “thing” and has a pretty good working theory why McCaskill lost.

What a good idea for our dead malls. In Metro D.C. a dead mall now provides housing for the homeless.

Booker running for president? Here’s how his opponents are going to attack him.


Camden Field of Dreams stadium photo credit – South Jersey Times file photo



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