Weekend News Roundup for Dec. 1-2, 2018


New York Times: The Insect Apocalypse is Here. Something is happening that you probably don’t even realize is happening. Some scientists didn’t even realize. And it’s absolutely terrifying.

Mighty. The Outsider Democrats Who Built the Blue Wave.

CAUTIONARY TALES: Why ‘Any Blue Will Do’ Isn’t Good Enough

First, the news that Mikie Sherrill joined the right-tilting Blue Dog Democrats. Then we learn that Rep. Don Norcross gets a leadership role in Congressional Progressive Caucus – and labor liaison.  I believe that we will win – anyway, and overarching all this bullshit. And why has nothing to do with any disappointing or sorry-ass politicians. It’s because we are realizing our power.


Chick-fil-A still hates gay people but doesn’t want to be labled ‘anti-gay’ anymore. That makes what Rider University did all that more important.

A small story for World AIDS Day: The Man in the Car in Street Clothes

Makes sense, given that Murphy was once DNC Finance Chair. DGA taps Murphy to serve as Vice Chair.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez leads opposition to coal puppet Joel Manchin for top Senate energy slot

This would make the nightmare complete: Christie still on Trump’s shortlist for attorney general (which is even shorter now)

Democrats join Republicans in bill criminalizing speech critical of Israel.

Will this actually give Barbara Lee any real power? Lee declined efforts to recruit her to run for Speaker against Pelosi, for a Caucus Chair run which she subsequently lost. Here Pelosi created a leadership slot for her. Is it just a vanity position carved out to improve Pelosi’s standing? Or is it meaningful? Honestly, is this group going to do anything besides rubber-stamp Pelosi’s choices for committee assignments?

George H.W. Bush dies: The last Republican presidential candidate to carry New Jersey


Meryl Streep comes home to Jersey, talking movies and empathy for Donald Trump.

Takes $40 million off NJ taxpayers in corporate welfare to stay in NJ. Moves to North Carolina anyway. Fuck off, Honeywell.

Tom Moran: Katie Brennan’s roar at rape hearings could capsize Murphy

Now Murphy’s soccer team won’t relocate to land where trees could be chopped down

I am a signatory to this letter. Over 130 grassroots and community leaders join together to denounce constitutional change experts decry as perpetuating gerrymandering.

How bad are things between Murphy and Dem leaders? They’re not even talking, and he won’t dole out Jets tickets

Chris Smith territory: The last red holdout: a drive across NJ’s lone Republican district

NJ public worker pension fund suffered losses as stock market tanked this fall


Photo & image credits: Insects: Photo illustrations by Matt Dorfman. Source photographs: Bridgeman Images. ‘We Hate Gays’ takeoff on Chick-fil-A advertising via Twitter. Meryl Streep yearbook, courtesy Streep.



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