Watch: Advocates speak out against partisan efforts to solidify gerrymandering into NJ’s Constitution

One of the issues that unites those of us on the activist left in New Jersey is clean government; honest, responsible representation, and in districts that are fairly drawn.That call for clean government includes calling out members of our own party when their conduct requires it, as it does now. Legislative leaders including Senate President Steve Sweeney, and Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald are co-sponsors with Democratic colleagues of proposals for a constitutional amendment that if passed would reorder how New Jersey redraws its 40 legislative districts. It amounts to an undemocratic power grab; an attempt to solidify gerrymandering, and an effort to place partisanship above everything before legislators are even elected to serve.

The Democrats’ plan has already come under heavy fire by the League of Women Voters, New Jersey Institute for Social JusticeBrennan Center for Justice [NYU Law School] and NAACP among others. And a letter signed Nov. 30 by 130 progressive organizers demanded legislators reject the plan [note: I am a signer of that letter].

Today, some of the advocates and signers of that letter came together for a press conference. Here are two videos of that discussion today. New Jersey Working Families Alliance’s Analilia Mejia is in both, along with Video #1 Barry Brendel from Our Revolution and Sue Altman from South Jersey Women for Progressive Change, and in Video #2 Saily Avelenda of NJ 11th For Change, then former CD7 candidate Peter Jacob.

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