Statehouse: When activist Democrats have to battle elected Democrats to fight bad policy

Today, outside the Statehouse, this protest against the Democrats’ scheme to sharply politicize the Democrats’ naked power grab redistricting scheme. Right now, inside those doors, the NJ Legislature will begin discussing SCR43 & SCR152, both sponsored by senators Scutari and Sweeney – and ACR205 (Greenwald, Murphy). They appear determined to fast-track this garbage through, despite vigorous opposition from Democratic activists, party leaders (of both parties), newspaper editorials and academics. How fast are they trying to fast-track this? They’re running discussions on it in both houses simultaneously, which sure looks like they’re trying to divide the opposition showing up against them.

Below, the protest, minutes ago. Watch the testimony here (status currently Pending – they’re starting late so you’ll have to keep refreshing till it’s live). 

When you get the community activists, the resister sister community who powered the 2018 blue wave, the progressives who have to save NJ Democrats from themselves, and non-partisan groups who simply work for a more vibrant and participatory political system – – and they’re all banding together, you know something is up. We should not have to organize this kind of resistance to our own damn party.

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  1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Sue Altman at South Jersey Women for Progressive change provided the emails to message legislators, if you can’t be there – thanks, Sue!

    Email your statements here: Senate State Govt Committee:
    Assembly Judiciary Committee:

  2. Dan Preston

    Hey Rosi … I made a 2-1/2 minute highlights video from the footage I shot at this morning’s presser. Here it is:


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