Obamacare Open Enrollment Deadline: Sat. Dec. 15

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman tweeted out a reminder this morning, so I’m passing it along. Open enrollment deadline is Saturday, December 15.

Need assistance? GetCovered.nj.gov
Here’s what to have on hand when you apply
NJ residents who may be eligible for free or low-cost healthcare: NJ Family Care has info & assistance in 19 languages

Buh-bye Tom MacArthur. Trump slashed the funding for Obamacare outreach, after spending the first year of his miserable term in office trying to kill it entirely, relying heavily on Tom MacArthur to get creative how to do it. Well, bad news for the President but New Jersey’s voters kicked T-Mac out of office, and installing new Congressional Progressive Caucus member Andy Kim in his place. So, let’s celebrate by making sure we sign up and get the word out to family, co-workers, neighbors and anyone who needs to know.

Thanks again, NJ Citizen Action (NJCA). One of the key reasons we still have the ACA (and now the opportunity responsibility to work towards Medicare for All) is that NJ Citizen Action knocked themselves out for us all – info campaigns, lobbying, and protests directed at Republican House members – all but one of whom won’t be returning to Congress.

So while we’re talking healthcare – NJCA is asking a moment of your time. Trump Administration proposes a rule change that would punish immigrants for accessing benefits they’re legally entitled to – food assistance programs to feed their families, Medicaid for a check-up or prescription, or housing assistance. That would make it nearly impossible for immigrants here legally to get a green card if they use benefits they’re legally entitled to. Loss of these benefits mean families will struggle with access to healthcare, nutrition, education, housing & other basics. Trump Administration is attempting to use health, anti-hunger, anti-poverty, and housing assistance programs as a disqualifier for immigration, putting families at risk. Sounds just like them.
Click here to speak out against this anti-immigrant rule change – by midnight tonight. to submit your comments by midnight tonight

Obama has things to say, too – since we named the thing after him:

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