News Roundup for Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2018

Fred Snowflack, watching and commenting on the investigation of government response after Katie Brennan’s allegations of rape, and the larger “hiring practices” in the governor’s office, comments on the history of concealing massively important things from governors of both parties.

Cammarano on whether he should have told Murphy: “Maybe”

Alvarez was told to leave his job twice. But he didn’t.

Cammarano asked Alvarez to leave government in March. Alvarez did not resign till Oct. 2, six months later and after the WSJ piece emerged

In second day of hearings on the Brennan case, lawmakers are stunned by testimony. Co-chair Sen. Sen. Loretta Weinberg called it ‘astounding’ that Alvarez was prohibited by the transition team — some of whom knew of the alleged assault — from hiring anyone personally but not prevented from obtaining a job himself

State rejects Atlantic City offshore-wind project for third timetoo pricey

State creates commission to study ways of preventing wrongful convictions

Our corridor state: NJ joins multi-state plan to curb pollution from trucks, buses, other vehicles

Pending the say-so of the governor, the state may look into how to help unpaid caregiversfamily members & others caring for elderly & disabled

Chris Christie, btw, also still not in prison. A new round of appeals means Baroni and Kelly get to spend the holidays at home and not in prison for Bridgegate

A year before its 100th anniversary, the Miss America Pageant searches for a new home and maybe a new city

Rep. Frank Pallone intends to launch investigations into the Trump administration’s rollback Obama-era environmental initiatives when Dems take control of the U.S. House next month.

For the 2nd time in three months, drug charges against Spring Lake Heights GOP councilman were dismissed. ‘They were all ridiculous,’ says Councilman Robert Merriken.

The Force Report: See how often cops use force on black people in your town. Think there’s nothing to see if your town “hasn’t got many black people”? I just looked up Raritan Township, which surrounds my tiny Flemington (bad enough at 223.4%). In Raritan Township, black people are 892.8% more likely than white people to be subjected to force.

Cory Booker made criminal justice reform his top priority in Washington. The Senate just agreed with him.

Homelessness rises in NJmore than in other states 

Would you pay an extra dollar a month to put NJ back into a regional pact to fight climate change? Phil Murphy aims to reverse Chris Christie on RGGI

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