News Roundup for Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Good morning, Blue Jersey fam! Only one day ’til Hump Day. In the meantime, fill it to the rim with Brim and all things Jersey.

Murphy Administration Woes: Hearings on Sex Assault Scandal to Begin

As the legislature prepares for hearings on Gov. Murphy and his administration’s handling of sexual assault allegations against a highly placed member of the governor’s campaign staff, the relationship has become downright frosty.

The Lawmaker Driving New Jersey’s Sexual-Assault Inquiry

Then, the Wall Street Journal introduces us to our own Loretta Weinberg, the 83-year-old lawmaker leading New Jersey’s inquiry into how the governor’s office handled a sexual-assault case against a former staffer. “As crazy as it sounds, I still get mad, passionate, whatever, about issues.”

But never to be outdone, Chris Christie makes sure we never forget about him: Bridgegate Back in News With Appeals Court Decision

Meanwhile, more ICE arrests of immigrants in neighborhoods and workplaces likely coming in New Jersey

But New Jersey Keeps Fighting: Campaign Ramps Up To Let Undocumented Immigrants Drive Legally in NJ

Newark’s Ironbound: Agent Orange’s Other Legacy—a $12 Billion Cleanup and a Fight Over Who Pays

“Getting the partisanship out of politics is like trying to take the sex out of porn”: You Can’t Take Politics Out of Redistricting—Especially Not in New Jersey

But despite all that, Jersey’s a great place to be! Here are 50 reasons to stay.

And here’s Number 51: Move To Improve Work on NJ’s Transportation Infrastructure

Trump Time

Trump’s latest tweets cross clear lines, experts say: Obstruction of justice and witness tampering

Even Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Says Donald Trump Is Guilty Of Obstruction Of Justice, Witness Tampering With Latest Tweet

But if he’s not indicted, don’t sleep, Democrats, because you don’t have a clear candidate yet, according to the Boss.

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