News Roundup for Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018


ICE is cold as ice: it must be reformed.


Watch: Advocates speak out against partisan efforts to solidify gerrymandering. NJ Spotlight has good background on this issue.


People in other states can’t even believe this level of corruption: NBC4, the network’s flagship NYC station and its I-Team report that Hudson County teachers are allegedly pressured to make political donations to a campaign fund linked to North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco, who is also state senator & longtime schools administrator.

The Force Report: Following an investigation of how police forces use force, and who they use it on, here is the response from the AG, and local and state law enforcement.

Sorry Jay Webber. Mikie Sherrill plurality was 47,362 votes – that’s 57%-42% and she slayed in Essex. Malinowski won by 16,200 votes.

7 new rules NJ cops must now follow when they interact with immigrants

We’d reply, but we’re stuck waiting for a train. Gov promises things will be better next year at NJ Transit


Trump Thought Bubbles meme credit: The Daily Show


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