News Roundup for Thursday, Dec. 20, 2018

dermophis donaldtrumpi: As sentient as the real thing.


dermophis donaldtrumpi: Blind, burrowing amphibian named after Donald Trump

2020 timing: Criminal justice bill a major marker for Cory Booker as 2020 announcement looms

For Cory Booker (and the 30 or so ‘exploring’ who aren’t Cory Booker): In ways subtle and loud, the presidential contest is already underway in Iowa

U.S. Senate passes short-term spending bill to keep the gubmint open, and dispense with Trump’s idiot call for border wall funding till next year.

Free speech: Two Jewish senators – Bernie Sanders & Dianne Feinstein – urge Congress ditch an effort to criminalize  the pro-Palestinian BDS campaign

At The Nation: Why the Decision Declaring Obamacare Unconstitutional Will Be Reversed


Murphy’s position on his first year differs from some of the editorial criticism. He sees achievements and anticipates action on his key priorities.

There is so much to be reformed in the New Jersey Democratic Party that isn’t just about proxy wars between Murphy and Dem legislative leaders. LeRoy Jones mulls a bid for Democratic State Chair, 13 months awayMurphy backs Currie should he run again.

More national coverage: How Progressive Activists Killed New Jersey Democrats Gerrymandering Scheme (Slate)

Can we eliminate AIDS & HIV in 7 years? The state says yes

Murphy in 2019: Marijuana, minimum wage … and more taxes? 

Murphy won’t rule out tax hikes. “It’s too early to tell.” – Gov. Phil Murphy says he may propose new tax increases when he unveils his budget in March, saying he’s worried that the state has not done enough to achieve what he called “tax fairness.”

Only a special kind of asshole would screw over firefighters in need. The state comptroller is on it.


Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman posted a photo to Facebook of a light-skinned Hopewell Valley High School boy who threatened and posted racist photos of a black student in her congressional district

PSEG Nuclear becomes the first nuclear plant owner to seek hundreds of millions in ratepayer subsidies to keep its 3 generating units in South Jersey open.

Green New Dealand Frank Capra – and AOC, Cory Booker, Frank Pallone and Bonnie Watson Coleman

Google explains why it chose Princeton for its newest AI lab (slideshow)



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