News Roundup for Friday, Dec. 14, 2018

Heavens! So many womenfolk? What shall we do? Oh I know. Let’s insult them for being here! 

Chris Christie met with Donald Trump last night about the chief of staff job. Trump’s also considering Jared Kushner for the job. What? No honorable Jersey boys in the mix? MAGA

First the fact that a Christie-tied PAC is called Integrity NJ … but the PAC blew $7.5 million trying to unseat Menendez. And Mitch McConnell’s PAC helped.

Only one location in all of New Jersey hasn’t had snow yet. Do you live there? 

No vote this session: Legal weed and $15 minimum wage pushed till next year

Scutari from on high, disparaging the citizenry.

When they start insulting you, they want to discredit your arguments by trivializing you. And it also means they have no confidence in their position. It’s a dick move. And yesterday, Nick Scutari made it. “Hysterica;”? Nick Scutari, settle down grandpa. 1952 is calling.

The Republicans are putting money behind opposition to Dems redistricting planadvertising. And very soon the Democrats are going to look stupid in front of all the New Jerseyan who vote but haven’t started tracking this issue yet (that’s most New Jerseyans).

Greenwald wrote the plan. He says it’s ‘fair and transparent.’

“Legislators shouldn’t be designing their own districts.” Dem operative and Our Revolution NJ chair Barry Brendel testified against the Democrats’ redistricting scheme Thursday, warning legislators their own actions are daring people to primary them. 

Yup, the Dems’ redistricting plan could be there undoing as soon as 2019. If the Democrats assume progressive activists have ‘no place to go’ but to continue to support the offending Dems, or assume the Republicans are hamstrung in blue NJ, they may be making a serious miscalculation 

Who showed up to testify at the Senate & Assembly hearings on redistricting? Pages & pages of people. And they all spoke against the Democrats’ scheme – and many of them are Democrats.Who spoke for the plan? Only Democratic members of the Legislature. 

George Norcross is used to governors kissing his ring. Christie did. But then Murphy came along and did not bow down. So now Norcross and his products like Steve Sweeney are out for blood. I almost called Sweeney a capo just now but pulled back for harshness. But really? The source in this InsiderNJ post, on the origin of the redistricting battle, talks about the Norcross operation in exactly the terms people discuss the mafia: “These guys play for keeps.”  Take the cannoli.

This guy. First War Powers resolution in history. Yemen.

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate passed the first War Powers Resolution in American history to end the unconstitutional war in Yemen. The effort was led by Bernie Sanders with Mike Lee & Chris Murphy. Speaker Paul Ryan denied House members a vote on the War Powers resolution, and five Democrats helped.

U.S. Senate also passed a resolution naming the Saudi crown prince responsible for Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death.

Bill Pascrell has been seeking Donald Trump’s tax returns for 2 years. Now he’s got Nancy Pelosi on his side.

“I’m a CEO. I support the $15 minimum wage.”And why does he? Because it’s the “right thing to do.”

Burlington County – high-pressure pipeline alert: Local GOP Ignoring Voters and Endangering Our Future

Water is Life. Newark said its water was safe but email reveals it was warned of problems months ago.

Statehouse: When activist Democrats have to battle elected Democrats to fight bad policy.

What could possibly go wrong? Flemington has agreed to sell its police headquarters without deciding where the new headquarters will be. And the joke of this is that they’re selling to a developer planning a massive reconstruct of Main Street – with 100-foot buildings – that half of the residents don’t want, and the last two elections have sent anti-developer members to Council.



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