ICYMI: #NJ07 Tom Malinowski on Morning Joe

This AM on Morning Joe, Tom Malinowski was talking about impeachment, and the Democrats’ 2019 agenda, which includes healthcare gun safety and infrastructure as priorities, he says. On the Green New Deal, Malinowski characteristically pulls back from progressive agenda demands. He’s for a select panel charged with addressing climate, a plank in the Green New Deal, but won’t won’t sign on to support the GND itself. “If we try to enact the entire progressive agenda in one fell swoop we’re going to enact nothing and we’re not going to do anything about climate change. I think we have to be realistic about that,” he said.

He sees the House as responsible to protect Mueller, and “contain the chaos in the White House.” He also discusses the “revolt in the suburbs” against Republicans which flipped 4 NJ seats and led to Democratic House majority. Malinowski was questioned in part by the two New Jersey residents on Morning Joe’s panel, Eddie Glaude Jr., chair of the Center for African-American Studies at Princeton and NBC’s Noah Rothman. And, even though it’s not in a congressman’s purview, it’s interesting that he was asked about the New Jersey Democrats’ redistricting scheme naked power grab, which is now quashed but is also now national news, in part because it was Democrats trying to push it though.

Unfortunately, the embed code on this is damaged, so I’ll send you to the Morning Joe site. It’s a 7-min video, brief ad.

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