“Hysterical”? Nick Scutari, settle down grandpa. 1952 is calling.

A few minutes ago, Senator Nick Scutari looked out on a crowded committee room of people, most of them there to testify against his redistricting scheme, most of them women. And referred to the opposition in front of him as ”hysterical.” 

Sen. Scutari’s office number: (908) 587-0404

Now, I’d like to give this dude the benefit of the doubt, that maybe he didn’t know how gendered that term is – especially as aimed at women, especially by a man in power. Yeah, but no. Scutari got all the way through Kean University, a Master’s degree (in education!) and law school. And this career politician since the 1990s beat a woman (Mayor Colleen Mahr) for Union County Dem Chair. He was even endorsed by a whole bunch ‘o women for that. He represents hundreds of thousands of people; some of those are women. So screw that benefit of the doubt.

What does it mean when men use ‘hysterical’ about women? Used to be a medical diagnosis, often whenever men were uncomfortable with women’s behavior or normal female sexuality. Or if they were irritable, or anxious. Or if they disobeyed or refused to be be submissive. Or stepped outside the bounds menfolk set. But in the women’s movement, it was used as a political tool to impede women’s rights organizing and invalidate their arguments and desire for equal rights and a larger role in society. Put simply? This is a real dick move. When you see a guy who responds this way to citizens who’ve come to speak their minds to their elected officials, you know he can’t make his argument without putting you down. And it’s standard passive-aggressive: Confront a man doing this and he’ll maintain deniability, that you’re over-reacting – and proving the point he’s denying he’s making. That’s called gaslighting. This is a balls-out attempt to discredit your arguments by trivializing you. And it’s bullshit.

Sen. Scutari’s office number: (908) 587-0404


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  1. NJBlech

    Terribly pathetic but not surprising given the source (Scutari). Also let’s not forget that Jeff Van Drew said the following (and pretty much got away with it) in iterating his opposition to Pelosi as speaker: “It’s nothing personal. She’s a lovely lady.” Lovely. Were Steny Hoyer up for speaker with Van Drew opposed does any one think Van Drew would have said “It’s nothing personal. He’s a lovely man”?
    I will once again hope that the Democratic machines in this state have overplayed their hands on an issue. I doubt it, but I can hope. Opponents of the redistricting amendment should heavily lobby Senator Ronald Rice (D-28th LD, Essex Co.). I can’t figure out why he is on the wrong side of this issue, as he reliably stands up to Sweeney and Norcross. And if this amendment is to be defeated its opponents will need to line up a few more D machine pols, who may stand to lose clout if the amendment passes. Senators Sacco and Stack are on board but that is not enough. After all politics does indeed make strange bedfellows.
    Lastly, and most exasperatingly, one must scream where are the Republicans on this?! A bunch of liberal, progressive Ds showed up in Trenton today to try and stop legislation that would make it much harder to elect right-wing, conservative Republicans from getting elected. Where are the Rs who stand to lose a lot?


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