Chris Christie is passed over again – Trump nominates William Barr Attorney General

Aw boo-boo. Chris Christie, passed over as Trump’s running mate, given Trump’s transition to run then seeing it snatched away and given to Mike Pence, has lost out again. Christie, the self-aggrandizing bulldozer who became a submissive helper to Trump, who became Trump’s Lock Her Up! cheerleader at the Republican Convention, and spent weeks away from his day job (us) as Trump’s errand boy, has just lost another thing he hoped for in Trump World.

Doesn’t mean we get somebody good.

After fidgeting through Bush 41’s funeral, Trump calls up a Bush all-star: Donald Trump today named William Barr to succeed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Barr was George H.W. Bush’s AG (1991-1993) and next moves to a confirmation process in the (GOP-controlled) Senate. And like other Trump nominees (cue: weeping, rapey Brett Kavanaugh, SCOTUS-launched because he’d written presidents should be shielded from litigation), there’s plenty of Trumpian self-interest in this nomination.

Lock Her Up! Barr is on record he thinks it was OK that Trump canned James Comey, and that Hillary Clinton should be investigated. In fact, a year ago, Barr made the case that there was more basis to investigate Hillary Clinton for the Uranium One deal than there is to investigate Trump for potential collusion with Russia. Really?

Don’t get me wrong. I think the Clintons might just be dirty. Using a server installed in her house by a Clinton political loyalist and deleting 33,000 emails off that server in full violation of State Dept. policies and congressional oversight, is not conduct that suggests innocence. And I think the federal government’s investigative arm is well used in probing the official conduct of any high-level member of our government, of either party, if their own behavior demands it.

But – But let’s not pretend these same politicians don’t get very squirrelly protesting their innocence. And that raises all the red flags. Cue President Trump crying No collusion! No collusion! in every speech, as Mueller closes in. Trump clearly abuses his executive power, in his attempts to use the nation’s system of justice to cover his own ass. He’s repeatedly called on DOJ and FBI to investigate his own Democratic political opponents, in defiance of boundaries past presidents have observed to keep the criminal justice system from becoming politicized. But Barr goes right along with him on that, despite his own history running the supposedly independent DOJ:

“The president’s the chief executive and, if he believes there’s an area that requires an investigation, there’s nothing on its face wrong with that, there’s nothing per se wrong about that.”

Does Barr believe that a president’s power extends to halting an investigation too? Is that also why he looked good to Trump?

No collusion! No collusion!


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  1. Ken T

    One wonders if Christie is EVER going to wake up to the fact that Trump despises him and is only yanking his chain. Again and again. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy, though.


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