Big Year Last Day Roundup for Monday, Dec. 31, 2018

“What got us emotionally upset was that here we had fought hard in a certain set of values that we thought Trumpism was an affront to: Lack of transparency, poor policy, power grabbing. We saw Republicans doing that all over the country. To see our own party kind of make hypocrites of us and to turn it around and do the same thing in New Jersey.” – – Sue Altman, board member of South Jersey Women for Progressive Change. New Jersey is the latest battleground in national redistricting fight. (Politico)

“I’m very strongly opposed to using technology to hide your true intentions, to use technology to deceive people in a way that is unfair to the person who doesn’t know what’s going on.” That’s Asm Andrew Zwicker talking. He’s got a bill to require upfront identification of bots. There are some legal and free speech complications to that idea though.

It’s taken years to bring some reform to NJ Transitnow, what’s next for riders? 

Donald Trump was a joke till he wasn’t. NJ’s executive branch has taken two steps to help immigrants. But the legislature lags behind.

This explains my vegetarianism perfectly. Pregnant cow being driven to the slaughterhouse falls 8 feet from the truck and runs down Route 80. Gives birth, and her new baby is utterly adorable. Cow and calf now live at the animal sanctuary.

Donald Trump is bad at politics. Drew Sheneman compiled a brief history of Trump’s signature issue: the southern border wall. That’s his cartoon above.

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