2020 Headliner Cory Booker wants to know what you think.

So, tell him.

If you’re in Booker’s email list, this is in your Inbox. If not, let me inform you Booker is making an effort to pull you in to his circle of influence & persuasion. He wants your contact info. Given that he’s going to be  (soon as he stops flirting and announces) a major 2020 contender, I say OK. And I say support him on the things you may share with him (like Medicare for All, voting rights, or criminal justice reform) and find ways to let him – and every other serious 2020 contender – see how strong the force is behind the things you believe are important that you don’t see reflected in his platform. I believe not only in demanding better, but also demonstrating that we will both recognize and publicly support politicians’ efforts to back better policy. This survey has an “Other” choice. The best part. Below is how I filled that out. I urge you to participate, and fill it out as you see fit.

“More specifically to the above: (1) Green New Deal (2) Medicare for All (thank you, Senator, for joining) (3) publicly financed, transparent system of campaign financing that amplifies small donations & greater transparency in outside groups.” – Rosi

Here is the link to Cory Booker’s 2019 Priority Survey. Below, the choices – “Other” at the bottom, which I encourage you to fill out.

What issues are most important to you heading into 2019?
•  Protecting and expanding Americans’ right to vote
•  Passing meaningful gun violence prevention legislation
•  Advancing comprehensive immigration reform
•  Reforming our broken criminal justice system
•  Preserving women’s reproductive rights
•  Taking action on climate change and building a clean energy economy
•  Protecting the Special Counsel’s investigation
•  Expanding Americans’ access to affordable health coverage
•  Fixing our country’s crumbling infrastructure
•  Creating a tax code that works for all Americans — not just corporations and the wealthy
•  Ending the prohibition on marijuana
•  Fixing our broken campaign finance system
•  Providing quality and affordable education
•  Strengthening labor standards and raising workers’ wages
•  Other

Here again is the link to fill out Booker’s survey.

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