Worried Summit voters tweeted this to us – from Celgene’s “Bob Hugin Campus”

I flagged this earlier today for Union County’s Election Protection team, to check if these anti-Menendez signs are outside the 100-foot no-politicking perimeter. I sent the law to the person tweeting, but we’ll depend on the Union County locals to eyeball the distance, or measure it out if it’s close. I suspect it’s all legal, and just annoying to a the voter in question. I’ll update you if I hear there’s a real problem.

But meanwhile, lookee here. Did you know Celgene named their campus the Bob Hugin campus. I mean, he certainly hauled in lots of money for them, what with price-gouging on cancer drugs and all. But the ‘Bob Hugin Campus’? Nope, didn’t know that. Not sure who did, given that Celgene’s Twitter announcement only got 4 retweets.

On Celgene’s campus, lots of “right turn” signs, lots of Hugin. But No Turn on Red makes the most sense.  

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