BUMPED: Why doesn’t Rep. Tom MacArthur’s chief of staff want his candidate to take a post-debate question from Blue Jersey?

Frank Luna

Bumped from late last night. – Rosi 

Tonight in the post-debate press room at NJTV, Rep. Tom MacArthur’s chief of staff tried to shut down a Blue Jersey writer from asking a question of his candidate. Twice. Frank Luna (photo, right) talked over Joey Novick’s question for MacArthur twice. “Let the reporters in the room ask their questions.”Two minutes later, on Joey’s second attempt to get MacArthur to answer? “You’re a blogger at Blue Jersey!” right over the question. Philly Inquirer’s writer tweeted the drama.

Tom MacArthur’s been in Congress for almost 4 years, running for his 3rd term in the House. He should be able to answer any question from anybody. What’s so scary about us? Luna kept it up even after another reporter said, “Frank, let him ask his question.” So Luna tried to end the questions entirely. Finally Joey addressed MacArthur, that he say himself he wasn’t going to take our question, or just take it. He took it.

So, what was the question? You can see that at the 4-minute mark below. MacArthur had ended every answer to every question with something negative about Andy Kim; some swipe. So Joey asked for an answer that didn’t end in Andy Kim. And MacArthur was unable to do it, and answered Joey’s question with stock whataboutism.

Our questions are at mark 1:50 and mark 4:00.

Blue Jersey had two people covering tonight’s NJTV Debate between Tom MacArthur and Andy Kim; Deciminyan was live-tweeting, and Joey Novick was in the press room at NJTV. I assisted both.

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  1. deciminyan

    Let’s also not forget that it was Frank Luna who orchestrated a childish prank when several clergy members held a press conference outside of MacArthur’s office. I was videotaping it. A car alarm went off, interrupting the speakers. So we moved to the other side of the building to get away from the noise. But another car alarm went off there, too. It turns out that both cars belonged to members of the congressman’s staff.

  2. Simon Miller

    Oh PULWWW Steve aka Deciminyan, andy kim runs like a child when approached, its on tape, its no surprise he runs from things he cannot control. He looked and sounded so inept last night it was painful

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      Thank goodness I don’t have to edit, add punctuation to, or correct spelling for, Republican comments. Who has that kind of time?


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