Watch: Gov. Phil Murphy & Ryan Haygood make the case for #FightFor15

And don’t exclude anybody from the #FightFor15. No carveouts!
– not for young workers (Don’t let your privilege, or age, assume you know where their money goes)
– not for agricultural workers (You going to deny a worker working this hard for your food?)
– not for tipped workers either (Here’s why that’s important)

Here’s the Gov today, along with New Jersey Institute for Social Justice’s Ryan Haygood making the case why we need $15 an hour minimum wage and why he wants to get it started now before the holidays. Also – here’s that post by Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin that Haygood mentions (it was in our Roundup this AM).

Yeah, I straight-up stole that red MINIMUM WAGE image right off a pro-business site that’s against paying New Jersey workers more fairly for their work. Why? Because I like the playing field imagery – even playing field, dig? And sometimes I just roll like that. 

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