This Mikie Sherrill ad is damn appealing.

Of course, there’s a – faint color, small-print – disclaimer at the open that says the use of military titles & info doesn’t imply endorsement by the Dept. of the Navy or Defense Dept. Oh for sure. But there’s no denying that the optics are pretty damn badass. Mikie Sherrill, as I’ve said before, is a walking, talking feature story. And her story is particularly appealing in the midterm year of a pussy-grabbing, incompetent president, whose biographical accomplishments turn out to be a history of bankruptcies and cheating New Jersey small business owners, and whose misogyny is not only real but supported fully by his party. And here she comes, radiating confidence, so goddamn breezy with it that she’s literally up in the air piloting in the actual breeze, and defying – without saying a word about him or her fuddy-duddy legacy-family predecessor -Trump’s throwback idea of what women are.

Yeah. The optics in this are a lot. But sometimes optics work. The optics here sound women’s empowerment right into my bones. And I think this works for her here, especially in this district where the mighty NJ 11th for Change is women-led and kicking ass. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

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  1. Ken T

    I think Mikie is a GREAT candidate, and I will be delighted to be represented by her.


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