News Roundup – Giving Tuesday, November 27, 2018

We’re Number 50! – New Jersey ranks dead list in fiscal responsibility.

A First Step. Bill to legalize weed clears Senate Budget Committee. Our Matt Hersh has a good summary of the day in the legislature.

A Dark Day in America. Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman writes about our so-called President tear-gassing children.

Trouble in Atlantic City. Democrats call an emergency meeting.

Dodging a bullet. Amazon’s rejection of Newark for HQ2 may be the best thing that happened to the city.

Investing in Our Communities make housing affordable statewideto .

$15 Minimum Wage: Governor Murphy issues a statement. So does the NJ Business and Industry Association.

Creating a two-tiered Driver’s Licence system to comply with Federal regulations. (Note to 9th District Republicans: There is no such thing as an “illegal” person as you are quoted in the article.)

LGBTQ Discrimination – Should a restaurant chain that discriminates be permitted to sell their dreck on a college campus?

Clogged Arteries: Newark Mayor Ras Baraka addresses lessons learned from the November 15 surprise snowstorm

New Jersey’s Only Republican Congressmember (as of January) pledges to work on one aspect of Trenton’s infrastructure.

As Trump tries to dismantle Obamacare – it’s working. New Jersey’s enrollment is down from last year. Deadline is December 15.

Today, Mississippi elects a U.S. Senator. Cory Booker has been campaigning for Mike Espy. If you have friends there, call them and urge them to vote for Espy. Because this is the alternative:

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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    Why no mention of the terrible redistricting legislation that Coughlin and Sweeney are trying to ram down our throats as their intraparty pissing match with Currie and Murphy continues?

    We need to get the redistricting reform legislation that has been proposed by the good people at Fair Districts New Jersey, which would give all of these children a time out from doing even more damage to the democratic process in our state than what they have already done.


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