News Roundup for Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018

Mikie Sherrill & Jeff Van Drew join the House Blue Dogs

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I was wearing a big old TEA PARTY button in this photo, ‘cuz irony is how I roll. Thanks to Senator Loretta Weinberg for including me in her 2018 Powerful Women List, proud to be in that awesome company.


Well, that didn’t take long. The House Blue Dogs announce their newbies, including Mikie Sherrill & Jeff Van Drew

Mark Penn, architect of Hillary Clinton’s mismanaged 2008 campaign, running efforts by the “Problem Solvers Caucus” – led by Josh Gottheimer – to keep Pelosi from becoming Speaker again.

Pollster Patrick Murray. He’s got questions.

Here’s to the State of Mississippi. Shite’s been updated a few decades and all. But Phil Ochs was right about y’all. Cindy “Public Hangings” Hyde-Smith wins – over Mike Espy.

Monmouth poll: We think the country’s divided. We are of course right. But isn’t it funny that in swing districts, voters are unified behind some very progressive values.

Cory Booker gets advice from Barack’s New Hampshire chair

Solar System Quilt 1876, posted in honor of this week’s Mars landing

Not New Jersey, but wow. In honor of this week’s landing on Mars by NASA’s InSight Mars lander, check out this Solar System Quilt, made 1876 by Ellen Harding Backer to teach her students astronomy – extraordinary combo of 19th century ‘womanly art’ of sewing with fully geeked-out #IFuckingLoveScience worship


Remember the jokey-jokes about removing cones himself? and time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee? Closure not coming any time soon for Kelly, Baroni, or Christie, says Charles Stile

Time for some orange jumpsuits in prison.  Majority of Bridget Kelly & Billl Baroni convictions upheld in Appeals Court

Star-Ledger editorial: What’s holding up a fair wage bill? Your government.

Undocumented immigrants are driving on NJ roads. These lawmakers say it’s time to give them licenses.

Ramping up? Sen. Bob Smith aims to get the Murphy administration to deliver on an ambitious goal of lowering carbon pollution

Atlantic City Dem Committee (ACDC) wants mayor & councilman to leave office till investigation of an alleged fight between them is investigated. But the state is not going to make that happen, says LG.

Given t hat one of its aims is to stick it to Phil Murphy, the Gov himself has some thoughts on the Sweeney-driven constitutional amendment to overhaul redistricting

A little late, NJ, but appreciated. AG Grewal issues new rules for how law enforcement handles sexual assault cases


Sit down. Read this (from Cherry Hill). Wonder at the universe. And be happy. Holocaust survivors reconnect 80 years after fleeing Nazi Germany

Headline of the Week to Jeff Edelstein: In Soviet Mercer County, Democrats control the single party machine

Lakewood, again. 10 of the 22 people charged in sweeping welfare fraud raids in Lakewood are scheduled for case resolution conferences on Dec. 5

Do you live in one? The 50 school districts that spend the least per student

Chalkbeat: Newark continues to wrestle with charter school issues

Newark hosts a seminar: Helping minority entrepreneurs get in on marijuana business

Policy working. Jim Florio knows what’s up.

Whoa. NJ has one of the highest rates of deaths in county jails. But nobody knows the exact numbers.

Haddon Twp: Another guilty plea for former elected official facing string of charges


Commuting. Central Park’s Mandarin Duck visits North Jersey – it’s Mandarin Patinkin

Are there lessons in historyand Tammany Hall – for the stalled Gateway project?

At the ‘celebration’ by Gateway advocates marking the 108th birthday of train service into Penn Station NY via Hudson rail tunnel, here’s the “delay cake” – complete with commuters completely losing it.





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