News Roundup for Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018

Cory Booker to New Hampshire. AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall


We supposed to imagine he wrote them himself? Trump submits written responses for special counsel Mueller

Donald has picked a side in the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. I’ll summarize:
We’re fine if the Saudis want to torture & murder a journalist working for the most important newspaper that covers the White House. Yes, we know the murder goes right to the Saudi crown prince – because journalism – but we’re going to let that slide. Because really, coulda been anything. Coulda been because nobody raked the forest floors. We stand with Saudi Arabia, bitches. We don’t care what they do, as long as my investments are protected.

More than 120 NJ women leaders release letter supporting Nancy Pelosi for Speaker

And I dissent. For reasons.

Q-poll just recorded Donald Trump’s highest-ever number. But it’s very, very specific.

Cory Booker to New Hampshire

Lock her up. Is Ivanka Trump really stupid? Or is it more likely that like Hillary, she just doesn’t think rules apply to her

That’s not the only thing Trump attacked Obama & Clinton for, and then did.

Star-Ledger goes after Facebook. For reasons.


BOOM, LIKE THAT. Sherrill to attend Bhimani-Draeger Assembly campaign launch

Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean attacked legislative Dems over a recently-introduced constitutional amendment that he and non-partisan observers say would skew the state’s district lines against the GOP.

Will we notice a difference? Cumberland County GOP Chair Michael Testa running for Van Drew’s NJ Senate seat

Satire, in case you need more coffee.  Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order Directing Thanksgiving Blessings Recount

Yeah, this is not cool. Murphy dined in luxury as NJ spun its wheels in snow. Some are worried he didn’t know not to.

Yes. Survivors of sexual abuse by clerics want statute of limitations removed

Murphy and states largest corrections union agree to new contract

Coming: Voting on recreational marijuana use, and significant expansion of NJ’s medicinal cannabis program


From Bill Orr, Blue Jersey writer and active local Dem: Teaneck Council Meeting: Warts and all

Calls for ouster of Trenton Schools Superintendent over school security problems

Interactive Map: Teacher salaries grew more last year than in a long time, average salaries up 2%

Quirky & convoluted: Business as usual for state’s Homestead Tax Relief. Deadline Nov. 30

Then there’s this parting shot from retired (not soon enough) Morris Sheriff Edward Rochford, picked up by Matt Katz:

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