Alert the Plushies News Roundup for Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018

Alert the Plushies, the Plushophiles, the Furry Fans. Trumpy Bear is real and Christmas is coming.

Do you know a Republican that likes to hump stuffed animals? They’re all set now.  Trumpy Bear’s a teddy with weird hair, red tie, and unzip his back end for an cheap American flag blanket

We’re 4th in the nation in hate crimesUp 76%, nearly 500 reported in New Jersey in 2017

Trump the Nationalist. Quotes you should see on nationalism & patriotism – and their NJ connections

Opioid crisis: New Jersey sues Johnson & Johnson subsidiary for deceptive marketing practices

Get on a plane. With Gillum’s & Nelson’s election in the balance, Cory Booker calls on NJ attorneys to help count votes in Florida’s still-undecided election of a governor and U.S. Senator.

My sister & I are nurses who are disabled by life-shortening diseases. Let us die our own way

NJ AG Gurbir Grewal is giving law enforcement officials new guidance for handling federal detainer requests or inquiring about an immigrant’s legal status, siding with advocates who say the existing protocol has gaps and is inadequate for today’s political climate.

Tom MacArthur still hasn’t conceded, nearly a week since Andy Kim declared victoryprovisional ballots still being counted

Chris Christie to replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General? Bridgegate isn’t his only scandal, there’s also the Hunterdon matter that could trip him up

Christie’s on Trump’s short list. Matt Friedman has the low-down on what that confirmation process might look like, looking at another confirmation up right now

Are you at the League? Here are Joey Novick’s 2018 Top Rejected Sessions at the League of Municipalities

Also from the League: Jay Lassiter on alcohol and sexual violence at the League’s Atlantic City conference

Murphy & DSC having an invite-only reception at the League 

Power List: Mikie Sherrill is #1 as Moses of the Women’s Movement, pushing George Norcross to #2 in Insider NJ’s annual list out League week

How seriously are officials & policy makers taking climate change? Despite Sandy, building in risky flood zones continues unabated

We’re with Hennelly (and the rest of NJ) on this: How about a $15 minimum wage by Christmas for NJ’s struggling families?

Under chair George Norcross, Cooper University Hospital raises their minimum wage to $15 an hour – a big South Jersey emplyer 

Dumb and Dumber: Bob Hugin and Jay Webber both relied on lying about their opponents. And it didn’t even work

Hugin? Menendez? See how your town voted in the U.S. Senate election

Bob Hugin for Governor 2021? Nope.

Bill “Loofah” O’Reilly drops Me Too defamation suit against former NJ lawmaker Michael J. Panter

It’s well-known Michelle Obama did not have an easy time at Princeton. In her new book she says she ‘didn’t have many white friends’

Open enrollment: Free or reduced-cost health insurance available for limited time only – what are the factors for those uncovered? (Joel C. Cantor)

What happened to Trump’s “caravan crisis”?  – Star-Ledger editorial says Rename Trump’s border mission ‘Operation Goose Chase’

Change of venue: Investigation of that Golden Nugget incident involving Atlantic City mayor Frank Gilliam & Councilman Fauntleroy transferred to Cape Ma County

Conservative columnist calls Trump a disaster both at home and overseas. Max Boot at Washington Post weighs in

Tom Moran: Whitaker must recuse, or Democrats must impeach him

December black bear hunt is almost here. Two lawsuits, one by shooters to repopen state lands, the other a humane suit to end the hunt entirely

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