News Roundup for Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018


WATCH: In front of about 800 volunteers who rushed to get there, Andy Kim declares victory in CD3

Not so fast, says Tom MacArthur. We’ll see if that’s any more than saber-rattling, hard to see where T-Mac thinks votes are coming from, but he hasn’t conceded.

Best Dem performance in more than a century and NJ Democrats are itching to test their strength in D.C. after a near- clean sweep

Charles Stile on what the Democratic Party needs to do next: “These Democrats unified in a new “resistance” and proved to a be a sustained, self-regulated army of activists who operated by their own rules and agenda. They are not the kind of Democrats who are normally found at a party nominating convention. If anything, many of them had been unwelcome in the clubhouse.” Yup. 

Democratic House gives hope to backers of cross-Hudson project

Carl Golden: Hugin loss was especially demoralizing for NJ Republicans

White House suspends press credentials of CNN’s Jim Acosta, because he asked questions Trump didn’t like. In a tense exchange with Trump, a female intern press assistant hurried over to seize the microphone from Acosta, who held on to it, raising his arm and briefly coming into contact with her. “Pardon me, ma’am,” Acosta said, continuing to speak. The intern appears likely to survive the completely meaningless brush that she initiated, but the White House is calling that “placing his hands on a young woman.” 

“It’s the Howard Dean in me.” Phil Murphy, enthused with Jersey House victories, comes close to talking 21-County Strategy

Tom Moran: In Jersey, Sherrill is the star in a blue tsunami. A friend of mine put it even better, showing Mikie’s numbers: “We did it best.”

A perfectly revolting thought: Chris Christie inheriting Jeff Sessions’ AG job

Bill Orr has lived abroad in two dictatorships. He spent Tuesday as a Democratic challenger at the polls. The friendly banter, little glitches, the babies & dogs in the booth – this was his America in Teaneck on Election Day

“The Morning After”Blue Jersey was watching the post-game live-stream convo at Rutgers Eagleton

Who voted for Menendez so an incumbent senator many voters see as character-challenged kept his seat? Another way of looking at it: Did your county go for Bob? Or Bob? And how hard?

Across the countryYoung people voted more, and more Democratic

Cory Booker: Trump sacked Sessions because he’s afraid of Mueller’s Russia probe

Would it have mattered how much Bob Hugin spent? Menendez by the numbers

Florida Dem Senate candidate Bill Nelson says his race is headed to recount. Here’s how that works in FL


Beto O’Rourke Could Be America’s Next President (Abramson, Newsweek)


Where’s your Governor?  At the Blue Mass in Newark (10am), then bill signing on banning ‘ghost guns’ (About the Blue Mass)

Under the Dome: Legislative Select Oversight Committee

The race for Van Drew’s Senate seat begins today


In Camden, Newark & PatersonVoters overwhelmingly vote to set their own course for their cities’ own schools and their own kids

He’s in, he’s out: Democratic Freeholder-elect George Youngkin to resign January 2, the day after he’s sworn in

Atlantic City gets a higher credit rating under state takeover but economic questions still hanging over it

Local ballot questions: What won? What failed? And where? 

Craig Carton found guilty on all fraud charges, faces 45 years in prison

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