News Roundup for Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018

Blue Dogs. Sherrill. Gottheimer. Van Drew.


A lot of people riled up over Mikie Sherrill’s apparent right-turn. My take: So, Mikie Sherrill’s joined the Blue Dogs. Simmer down. [And muscle up].

House leadership solidifying for the next Congress. With one insurgent surprise.

Three House Dems who won by substantial margin are now in the Blue Dogs. But the two whose wins were tighter? So far, avoiding both centrist groups, Blue Dogs and the Problem Solvers Caucus. As new members find their place, will we have a House divided? 

Mikie & Van Drew are Blue Dogs now? By contrast, Andy Kim just joined the Congressional Progressive Caucus

Their cookie game is strong. Now here’s a potential caucus where you know the meeting snacks would be good. Over half the women of 116th Congress were Girl Scouts

Mikie Sherrill voted against Pelosi in caucus, will oppose her on the floor when the House votes in January. Sherrill explains her vote. Andy Kim also voted No on Pelosi. Here’s a roundup of where the rest of the NJ delegation is on the Pelosi issue.

NJ 11th for Change issues formal request to Sherrill to hold a town hall as promised ASAP

A little history, from Wildstein. How Menendez won House leadership post by 1 vote


That nightclub brawl Atlantic City’s mayor and councilman were inHere’s the security cam video

He wasn’t on it. Damn it.


Trump’s private plane in minor accident at LaGuardia

Here’s what Trump is saying about Cory Bookerhis potential 2020 rival

LoBiondo, exiting Congress after 24 years. The U.S. House just paid tribute to him. Here’s how they did it.

Springsteen on Trump: ”dangerous” and “has no interest in uniting the country”

Eagles use social justice funds to bail out 9 people in jail, then worked to connect them with grassroots orgs to help them move forward


Tom Moran: Stop the shameless power grab by Democrats

Kim Guadagno sees danger in legal pot, but not this: ‘now that I’m not running for office anymore, if they need revenue that badly, let’s legalize a victimless crime and tax it up the wazoo.  What to I mean by that? Let’s legalize prostitution’.

Hunger in New Jerseya package of 14 bills designed to get food where its needed, including to ‘food deserts’ by offering incentives.

Rzeszowski leads Dems’ LD21 short list to take on Bramnick, Munoz



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