News Roundup for Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018

Short roundup today, cats ’n kittens. Overslept. Pumpkin carving above by Laurel Hunnewell, a Junior at Dunellen HS 


CD7 polls: New York Times/Siena College poll has Malinowski up 8 points over Lance (47%-39). That’s the most recent poll, but a small sample, and a margin of error of 4.6%. Monmouth Poll (also out yesterday) has Malinowski 47% over Lance 44%

Analysis of the CD7 Monmouth poll: Trump is hurting longtime Republican Leonard Lance’s chance to win. (Salant)

Dems have a 48%-21% edge on VBMs statewide

Last night, the CD3 debate on NJTV. Analysis from NJ Spotlight (Sitrin), Insider NJ (Snowflack), New Jersey Globe (Biryukov)

Seriously, T-Mac needs protection? Why did Rep. Tom MacArthur’s chief of staff Frank Luna try so hard to keep Blue Jersey from asking a question post-debate?

Thanks for the Twitter shout-out, Amy S. Rosenberg at Philly Inquirer

Hugin says he’ll stand up to Donald Trump. Menendez says Hugin had his chance, and didn’t.

CD5: Gottheimer endorsed by Star-Ledger

CD2 on the GOP candidate Seth Grossman: Guy who likes white supremacist websites says the Democrats are to blame for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

CD11: GOP women super PAC backs Mikie Sherrill, and supports candidates from both parties who oppose “Trump personality cult”

Pipe-bomb suspect may have planned to target Bob Menendez, senator says

2018 Midterm issues: Property tax break Trump took from you is a big election issue. Where NJ candidates stand 

Bill Orr’s continuing series on midterm issues: Part 10 – dark money


Whoa. Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly says GOP candidate Ron Fava doctored a campaign mailer to make the skin of Danielle Ireland-Imhof, the Democratic candidate for Passaic County Clerk, look darker

All about Brendan Gill: Meet Phil Murphy’s inside man: The guy with access to the Governor


Black Panther is a top-selling Halloween 2018 costume. But is it a good fit for everyone? Claude Brodesser-Akner talks to the author of the new Marvel comic book, Rise of the Black Panther on how blackness is essential to the character’s identity. A great read.

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