News Roundup for Monday, Nov. 19, 2018

Fern Wolkin of Cedar Knolls remembers this rally sign, perfectly placed on a goal post. Look what we did since then. Photo: Fern. 

Opinion piece at The Hill: Single-payer health care is better than Obamacare

Malinowski weighs in on Pelosi. The only newly-elected NJ congressman who has not said he is against Pelosi as Speaker jokingly demurred when her name was called out during a well-attended CD7 celebration yesterday, but told New Jersey Globe that he plans to consult with people in the district on the question before he decides

But what does he know? He doesn’t even live here.  Chris Smith predicts a GOP comeback in 2020. 

Democratic team in LD25: Darcy Draeger is running for Assembly with Lisa Bhimani in 2019. She is Morris County Malinowski campaign chair & Chester Twp Dem municipal chair.

Jill LaZare running in LD21: Has run 3 times before (2x Assembly, once Senate), but will bet the district dynamics are changing

Joan Quigley: More women in elected office than ever before, but still a ways to go

State is counting on tax amnesty to raise at least $200 million. If lawmakers were wrong, the budget may have to be adjusted.

Phil Murphy has a “storm Cabinet” now: Charles Stile on the Governor’s “aggressive” storm prep after last week’s snow debacle and all that criticism of him

Star-Ledger editorial begs Democrats to throw support behind the First Step Act, which improbably Trump also supports, a sweeping bipartisan prison reform measure that Cory Booker has already backed

Law enforcement officers in NJ are transferring more & more immigrants to ICE. Only 2 counties – Middlesex & Ocean – put restrictions on cases that qualify. Only Burlington & Union counties do not participate.

Three hunting groups have lost their case in court to reopen state lands to the NJ black bear hunt


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