Long, Good Week News Roundup for Friday, Nov. 9, 2018


When two friends from South Jersey Women for Progressive Change get their bold idea into the Washington Post: Why Democrats should make Stacey Abrams speaker of the House by Meredith Meisenheimer & Sue Altman

And – hey – not necessarily driven by the Democratic Party. Highlighting women as engineers of NJ’s blue wave

These 3 maps: 2014-2016-2018

If it wasn’t all so goddamn painful & damaging, I’d thank Christie & 45. These 3 maps show how a Democratic ‘blue wave’ washed over NJ

At Roll Call: Meet Jerry Nadler, the Next House Judiciary Chairman and Trump’s New Enemy

Florida: Bill Nelson’s Campaign Lawyer Predicts a Hand Recount – and a Victory

At Daily Kos: Architect of Obamacare repeal just got his comeuppance as his New Jersey seat gets flipped to blue

Count every vote, looks like we won. MacArthur’s path to victory narrows further.

Hurley: Van Drew won’t vote for PelosiOf the incoming successful challengers, only Malinowski has said he’d consider Pelosi, Sherrill, Kim also say no

New Jersey gets its first nationally-endorsed Our Revolution win: Cindy Matute-Brown Brings the Revolution to New Jersey (Goldsman)

The absolute best political trivia of the dayWhat Andy Kim just did that no Democrat has done since 1922 (big hat/tip to Zach Israel)


This creep: What GA’s top election official does after disenfranchising tens of thousands of voters – most of them black – running the GA Gov race where he was the candidate against Stacey Abrams, in line as America’s first black woman governor. Brian Kemp resigns as Georgia secretary of state of governor’s race remains too close to call.

At The Atlantic: The Education Gap That Explains American Politics – The gulf between the party identification of white voters with college degrees and those without is growing rapidly. Trump is widening it.

At Poynter: CNN’s Jim Acosta’s actions to Trump don’t represent the best of journalism (hat/tip Charlie Stile on this, and I disagree with the post – Acosta didn’t have to rep the best of journalism Wednesday, just get an answer to his question from Trump – the reporters are not what’s bizarre about the WH press room)

OK. But please, can we get this race OVER WITH? Menendez wins Hugin’s hometown

Chris Christie’s on Trump’s short list for AG: Here’s what he had to say about the Mueller probe


NJ Legislative Select Oversight Committee holds organizational meeting, sets down a mission and calls Katie Brennan to testify

Three NJ towns voted on marijuanatwo said they want it


Trump toxicity plus Chris ChristieBill Palatucci suzerainty resulted in the 2018 NJGOP meltdown. I admit I had to look up suzerainty. But yeah.

The party list at schmoozefest League of Municipalities

Actually being a racist was cool with you though, right? Grossman: I would have won if people didn’t call me a racist


David Wildstein looks ahead to the 2019 Assembly races

Jingle in your pocket for the annoyance in your brain: Did your train break down? Legislators want NJ Transit to give you a refund

Tensions as lawmakers launch “no witch hunt” special investigation of Murphy hiring practices. Murphy spokesman complains about a “leak”

Murphy signs bill barring ‘ghost guns’ into law in NJ

Community solar plan: Developers want state subsidies, activists say low- and moderate-income New Jerseyans should get discounts on their bills




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  1. Michael Petti

    Before Chris Christie becomes AC, check what is on the cell phone he had during Bridgegate that has mysteriously disappeared.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      We’d have to retrieve it from the bottom of the Delaware River. Former federal prosecutors know how to evade the law.


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