Kellyanne Conway changed her Twitter profile. So, Blue Jersey did, too.

Bumped from last night. Because FUN. We got your back, South Jersey. – Rosi

I’ve just changed Blue Jersey’s Twitter profile. Here’s why:

Today, The Hill is reporting that Kellyanne Conway has changed her Twitter profile to take advantage of her South Jersey roots to knock Sen. Bob Menendez.. Far as I know it’s been quite some time since Kellyanne’s voted in New Jersey, but she’s helping Team Trump try to make up for some of Bob Hugin’s 15 points behind in the today’s Quinnipiac Poll. Kellyanne’s Twitter now says:

“Jersey Girl Embarrassed by Bob Menendez”

But at Blue Jersey, we actually all vote here, so I’ve gone ahead and changed Blue Jersey’s Twitter profile. You’re welcome. We’d appreciate if you’d follow us at: @bluejersey





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  1. Helen Duda

    Thank you Blue Jersey! I support Senator Bob Menendez 100%!


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