In Excellent Company: Loretta Weinberg’s ‘Powerful Women of New Jersey’ List

About this photo: Pretty sure that big ‘ole button pinned on me loudly proclaims me as a Tea Party person. Sometimes irony is how I roll …

There’s another photo somewhere in my phone from 2012, of most of the women who attended the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, the year Barack Obama coasted to re-election, and Cory Booker was the only New Jerseyan with a prime-time speaking slot (from such things come presidential runways, Barack and now Cory). Loretta spent one morning at the delegation hotel calling together what she called the ‘Jersey Girls Caucus’ – later upgraded to the Jersey Women’s Caucus. Not the first time Weinberg gathered together some sisters of all ages to talk priorities. We took over the ballroom, and shut the door to our brothers. Nicely. Then there were munchies.

This is awfully nice, to be recognized in this way; not only in Senator Weinberg’s company but in this list of brains and hearts, with fierce drive, great ideas, and follow-through represented in Senator Weinberg’s Powerful Women of New Jersey.

Thanks, Blue Jersey. And thanks, Sen. Weinberg. You set the bar pretty high.

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