Hugin hopes it rains so fewer people vote

We all know it. A significant part of the Republican electoral strategy has been attempting to lower voter participation. But rarely does a Republican candidate say it out loud. Except for Republican Senatorial candidate Bob Hugin, who apparently has no problem saying he’s hoping for weather than dampens turnout:

At a rally in Toms River, N.J., on Monday, though, Bob Hugin, a Republican challenging the Democratic incumbent, Senator Robert Menendez, openly called the predicted rain “Republican weather.”

“This election is about who gets the vote out and who doesn’t,” Mr. Hugin said, “and I hope it rains hard tomorrow.”

My social media is filled with people braving the weather to vote. Good for them! I was so soaked by the time I got to the office that my “I voted” sticker was falling off.

Be like Mary Chayko below, and go vote in the rain!

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